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8 Fun Fire Safety Activities

8 Fun Fire Safety Activities

Fall is in full swing and I love all of the activities my kids are able to be involved in with other kids now (hello Lego Club!).  Last night was another one of those opportunities and one that wasn’t just all about the fun.  We are in our fire safety week and the kids were able to learn about firetrucks at the firehall and even had a firetruck go to the school today for a fire safety program.  How great to make something so important so much fun!  This inspired today’s post where you can bring that fun home.


Want to teach your kids about fire safety without the worry of them not remembering or not making the connection they need?  Here are 8 activities that will help to make it stick, foster conversation, and are fun!

1. Fire Chalk Game via School Time Snippets


2. Fire Blocks via Little Hands Big Work


3. Fire Lesson in a Cup via Mrs. P’s Specialties


4. F is for Fire via My Mommy Style


5. DIY Firefighter Hat via Momstown Toronto


6. Fire Cup Knockdown via Laly Mom


7. 911 Craft via Sherbees


8. Firefighter Sensory Play via Two Daloo


I just love these ideas and think they are something kids will want to participate in. Make sure to prepare a good conversation to have while doing these activities. Review your home for best escapes and explain what they should and shouldn’t do if you aren’t near them and a fire has begun.

What activity do you think you will try to help explain fire safety?

Much love and safety,
<3 Jamie

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