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Friends, we officially have snow-covered ground! Here in Ohio, we are typically sick of snow by now but this is only the second snowfall of winter and we had our first snow day where school was cancelled. I am definitely a lover of snow days. However, with young children, it can become cumbersome to haul out all of the snow clothes and then have them walk outside for a few minutes then get bored. If you need to cure the winter-stuck-inside-blues, try these fun activities in the snow that will ensure fun that will make those snow clothes worth it!

1. Water Balloon Marbles via Fertilome


2. Frozen Bubbles via Shawna Coronado


3. Upside Down Snowman via Princess Pinky Girl


4. Snow Volcano via Growing a Jeweled Rose


5. Potato Head Snowmen via Happy Hooligans


6. Snow Paint via The Sits Girls


7. Glow Sticks in the Snow via Simple Fun for Kids


8. Ice Ornaments via Red Ted Art


9. Snowshoe Monster Feet via Apartment Therapy


10. Maple Syrup Taffy via The Kitchn


Don’t these look like so much fun?! You can bet you will be seeing AT LEAST one of these activities for a Sensory Saturday activity. I am even more excited about the snow after viewing these fun activities.

Have you tried any of these activities? How do you keep your kids interested in the snow throughout the winter?

Much love and happy snow days!
<3 Jamie