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10 Fun Snow Day Indoor Activities

10 Fun Snow Day Indoor Activities


Last week, we talked about fun snow activities to do with the kids. This week, we are talking about those same snow day activities, but ones that can be done inside for those extra chilly days. January can be a hard month for parents and kids can start to feel restless. It is our hope that these activities will help your kids stay engaged and active during the most difficult months where families are mostly stuck inside all day. So check out these activities to stay warm and chase cabin fever away!

1. Soap Clouds via Our Best Bites


2. Light Tunnel via Homespun Aesthetic


3. Pom Pom Racetrack via Frugal Fun For Boys


4. Build a Frosty Snowman via Growing a Jeweled Rose


5. Lava Lamps via S. L. Smith Photography


6. Dinosaur Fossil Play Dough via Premeditated Leftovers


7. Indoor Hopscotch via Happy Hooligans


8. Paddle Balloon Game via Vanessa’s Values


9. Melted Bead Suncatchers via The Artful Parent


10. Glove Monsters via Craftaholics Anonymous


Aren’t those glove monsters ADORABLE?!

What are your favorite indoor activities to chase away the chilly blues? Have you tried any of the above activities?

Stay warm, friends, and look forward to warmer weather in the coming months!

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