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10 Unique Ways to Create an Easter “Basket”

10 Unique Ways to Create an Easter “Basket”

Easter is almost here! If you love filling a basket with goodies for your little ones but hate doing the same old thing, check out these super creative ways to fill gifts with Easter treats!


1. Toolbox Basket via Bower Power Blog

2. Rainboot Basket (source unknown)

3. Baby Shopping Cart Basket via Always and Forever the Stanleys

4. Trolls Movie Basket via The Keeper of the Cheerios

5. Umbrella Baskets via PrimalDish

6. Dump Truck Basket via Making the World Cuter

7. Baseball Hat Basket via The Resourceful Mama

8. Beach Towel and Noodle Basket via Down Home Inspiration

9. Minecraft Box Basket (source unknown)

10. Cooler Basket via The Seasonal Home

Aren’t these basket ideas so much fun? Have you ever done a creative basket before? We would love to see pictures of your favorite kind of Easter gift!


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