Hello again!! Summer is halfway over and I don’t know about you, but it is HOT in my world! And the best way to beat the heat is getting in the water!! Some summers have seen us at the pool almost every day. Sometimes that can’t happen so I’ll just turn on the sprinkler and my son and his friends will run around in the backyard. We’re on our way to the lake this week for a family vacation, but what do you do if you can’t get away? And an even better question: What can you do if your kids don’t want to go outside because it’s too hot? Well here is the answer!! “10 Ways to Learn and Play with Water” is an article I found this morning that is just overflowing (get it?? hehe) with fun water ideas.  I am loving #7!

So let me in on some of your super-fun summer water ideas…how do you beat the heat?

xo 😉



10 Ways to Learn and Play with Water

1. Use a simple coloring mixing station with corn starch and water to introduce color names and teach color theory. [No Twiddle Twaddle]

2. Grab some water guns and create some water gun art while talking about color words and making predictions about which color combinations will make which colors. [Fun Mom Online]

3. Go on a Water Balloon shape hunt in your backyard. This is a great way to keep water balloon fun going for a little longer. Practice saying the shape names and work on matching them to the correct buckets. [Mess for Less]

4. Grab a watering can and water a chalk Alphabet Garden (or change it to numbers or words) .

5. Squirt Letters using a water squirter or a spray bottle. Having a cool new tool makes this even more fun! [Stay at Home Educator]

6. Make some alphabet ice blocks to beat the heat and make your name, sight words, or just practice matching similar letters to one another. You can even study some science as the ice melts. [Play at Home Mom]

7. Play roll and splash counting games with a bunch of friends!

8. Write some simple addition or subtraction sentences on balloons and do some water balloon math. [No Time for Flashcards]

9. Use a water gun to do a Sight Word Water Gun Spray activity or just shoot chalk letters [Train Up a Child]

10. When you’re in the pool, grab some sponges to play Swimming Pool Scrabble. It is a fun way to practice your strokes while learning to make words.


Here’s the site where I got this fun article: