Tomorrow, for most us, the festivities will begin (if they haven’t already). It is the time of the year for families to be held closer and traditions to be held in high regard. Even though my siblings and I are all 30 and older, we still want to have the magic of waking up super early on Christmas morning to open up presents. It must be dark from beginning to end. Even though we all have our own families now, we still gather at our parents’ and continue this yearly tradition with our kids. I wouldn’t want it any other way. It is definitely my absolute favorite thing to do for any holiday.

Traditions keep the holidays alive and joyous. Here are 10 old and new holiday traditions gathered from around the web that you can implement this holiday season.

1. Texts from Santa via Clarks Condensed

This is a really neat service I recently heard about. It is similar to the North Pole Communicator I referenced above. For $9.95 (and you can use the coupon code TEXT30 for 30% off) you sign up for a text message service that will send your child personalized messages, pictures, and games from Santa Claus every day leading up until Christmas. It’s such a fun thing for kids (and, to be honest, I think it would be fun for me, too!) Sign up here. On the day after Thanksgiving only, you can get 50% off the service using the code BF50.

2. Fingerfood Dinner via Arabah Joy

With all the preparations that go into Christmas parties and outreach, this little tradition is pure bliss for me. My kids love choosing one fingerfood each to prepare, like a crackers and cheese tray, quartered sandwiches, chips and dip, brownies, or a fruit tray. They prepare it themselves with help from me as needed. It is fun, tasty… and easy on a busy momma!

3. Santa’s Secret Service via The Dating Divas

It all begins with a fun letter that Santa has posted looking for more elves to join the very important Santa’s Secret Service. Every responsible elf who signs on to join Santa’s Secret Service is awarded with an awesome badge to wear when they are serving. Once your badges are ready to go, it is time to start serving. Find out more here.

4. Night Before Christmas BOX via The Typical Mom

I started a tradition two years ago called the night before Christmas Box where my kids got a present the night before Christmas arrived, around dinner time actually. It contained the following things to create a night full of fun we could remember and look forward to year after year, they were:

1. 1 pair of new Christmas themed pajamas for each child (& parents if I find them)
2. A Christmas movie all of us would enjoy (& hopefully haven’t seen before…Charlie Brown Collection is Great)
3. Ingredients to make a Christmas dessert that night
4. A box of popcorn
5. 1 special ornament per child/for the family
6. A box of hot cocoa mix
7. A bag of small marshmallows

5. The Christmas campout via Clarks Condensed

This one is where everyone piles in the living room for a campout near the Christmas tree. A little rough on mom and dad, but worth it!

6. Light Display Photo Scavenger Hunt via Sugar Blossoms

Grab your cameras or cell phones, invite a couple other families, print out a list for each car, split up into separate neighborhoods, set a timer for 30 minutes and GO! Find as many items on the list as you can, take a picture of each one and meet back up with the other families/teams to compare your findings and enjoy some creamy cocoa and pumpkin cookies.

7. Flour (or icing sugar) footprints via Good To Know

If your kids are the suspicious types that need a little extra evidence of festive presence, try this clever trick. Cut out a set of footprint shapes from paper or card, then sprinkle over flour, icing sugar or glitter (depending on how handy with a vacuum you’re likely to be feeling the next day!), and there you have it – Father Christmas footprints that will have the kids baffled.

8. The Christmas Pickle via The Crackling Crows

the last decoration
placed on the Christmas tree
was always a pickle… carefully
hidden deep in the boughs. Legend
has it that the observant child who found
it on Christmas Day was blessed with a year
of good fortune…
and a special gift!

9. Sleeping in the same room as siblings on Christmas Eve via Clarks Condensed

We did this for many, many years. I think Forrest and I even slept in the same room with my little brother for the first year or two after we got married. When I was younger, it was especially fun, because we would stay up chatting in anticipation for the next morning. I have so many fun memories doing this, and it is definitely something I will encourage with my children! I usually ended up on the ground, because I was the youngest. But I was totally okay with it!

10. Invite someone without family to Christmas dinner via The Better Mom

Check out the other simple traditions you can do with your family here.

Are any of these traditions already on your list?  Which new ones would you like to try?

We from I Bambini Clothing wish you a very loving, joyous, and fantastic holiday.

Much love and merry wishes,
<3 Jamie