A Birthday Party to Remember- (2)
The birthday season is upon us!

My daughter’s 4th birthday is this weekend and I have spent months in my mind planning her party. It makes it easier and more difficult at the same time to have Pinterest for inspiration. It isn’t easy for me to just have a “regular” birthday party. Last year was The Little Mermaid, this year it’s dinosaurs. I saw so many great ideas online and great ideas for future parties. I thought I would share some of these great birthday party ideas that break outside of the average party box. I will share five ideas today, and five ideas next week. I hope you can find some inspiration from these ideas!

Isn’t this spa day party idea so interesting? Why not pamper your kids and their guests? It’s a great way to show how special the birthday girl or boy is.

Why not celebrate with a tasty theme? A strawberry party theme is yummy and clean.

What kid doesn’t love art? An art party theme is different and fun, and these decorations are to die for!

This is a party I would love to be invited to! How fun is a drive-in movie party? You could choose any movie or show to feature to match your child’s interests.

A Jaws birthday party theme is vintage and creative for an older kid. Look at how cool this party was!

I can’t wait to share more with you next week.

What has been your favorite party theme that you have thrown for your child? We would love to see your ideas!

Much love,
<3 Jamie