My little family of four had the wonderful opportunity to visit Disney World’s The Magic Kingdom last week. It has been a dream of mine to take my daughter and I wasn’t sure when we would be able to actually do it. The trip was even better than I could have ever dreamed!

We stayed in a house near the beach that is an hour and 45 minutes away from Orlando so this was a day trip. I was afraid of what that would mean for us, if we wouldn’t be able to do everything we wanted to do and if I would be disappointed because of it.

After we passed the signs that said we were entering Disney World, Maddy started shouting, “Look Mama! Disney World trees!!” There was nothing to be seen, really, but she was so excited before we were even in the park.


She was absolutely silent as we waited to pay for parking.


It was a gorgeous (though quite hot) day and we walked up to the gates to get our tickets. Then the magic begun. The tram was fascinating to the kids. Then they saw Cinderella’s castle and they lit up!




Our first ride was the Aladin carpet ride. Oliver wasn’t too sure what was going on and Maddy decided to embrace the experience to the fullest extent!



Maddy has been in love with Ariel for some time now (her 3rd birthday party was all Ariel) so I was so excited to share The Little Mermaid ride with her and we were able to walk right on to it. She was enthralled with it all. We then went to wait in line, for over an hour, to meet Ariel. I teared up as she met someone she loves so much. I couldn’t believe how shy she was!


After lunch, we went to hear Belle’s Tales. Maddy was happy to listen to the story and then meet Belle herself.


Oliver was really excited to give her a high five.


Then this adorable moment happened.


We focused mostly on Maddy since she will remember more and Oliver is mostly along for the ride. However, we threw him a bone and got in line to meet Tinkerbell (his favorite). When he saw her, we had to hold him back from going to her when it wasn’t his turn. He was over the moon to hold her hand which produced my favorite picture from the whole trip.


Oliver then went with his dad while Maddy and I waited in another long line to meet Rapunzel and Cinderella. This was the most miserable line but it was well worth the wait.



It started raining after we met back up again so we decided to head home early. We were able to get in every ride that we wanted to and the kids were fantastic the entire time. It truly was a magical experience. My only regret was not taking more pictures.

I can’t wait to go back again someday and experience it all over again.

Have you been to the Magic Kingdom? Share your favorite picture from your trip in the comments below!

Much love,
<3 Jamie