Happy Mother’s Day weekend! I hope all you mothers are able to get some rest, pampering, and lots of love this Mother’s Day.

As promised, I will be sharing the craft we did for the kids’ grandma to celebrate. It got a bit messy, but we were prepared for that.

We used a 16×20 blank canvas, some paint and some duct tape to complete this fun and easy craft.

The most difficult task was to tape the message onto the canvas. This simple message took about 15 minutes to tape.
We went outside so that the messiness wouldn’t be a problem. We only used four colors but you can use as few or as many as you would like. One color would be great too!

At first, the kids were just using one finger and seemed really tentative.

With some prompting, Maddy really got into it.

Oliver wanted nothing to do with it.

Maddy kept working away and would have done it for hours if I hadn’t stopped her.
11 (1)

When we were finished, Maddy had a little fun of her own.

Once the paint was dry, I peeled off the tape. Here is the finished product:

Have you done a similar painting? Share it with us so we can all be inspired!

Thank you for all you do. Moms, you rock!

Much love,
<3 Jamie