cub scouts

We are joining the wonderful world of Cub Scouts (they are the younger version of Boy Scouts, in case you were wondering). My son is super-excited about this and I am….hesitantly excited. I say that because I haven’t been involved in Scouts before so I am not sure how time consuming/money consuming it is going to be (buying a uniform for example…)


The things I’m excited about are:

  • the smile on my son’s face as he plans all the badges he will earn
  • his excitement about being in the same troop (den? group?) as his friend
  • the opportunities he will have to learn about fun new things
  • their emphasis on good manners and helping others

Here are a few of the badges he could earn. There’s one he’s REALLY excited about that I didn’t find on this list though: video games!! *shakes head* can’t believe they have a badge for video games, lol!


He will have his first meeting next week and he can hardly wait! I’ll let you know how it goes, and post a pic of him in his uniform once he gets one 🙂 .

Does anyone have any opinions on Cub Scouts? Any pointers??

xo 😉


Check out the Cub Scout update about our first meeting!