It has been so fun sharing with you how to take dinosaurs and use them in unique ways. The grand finale for me was Maddy’s birthday party last weekend. I had been thinking and planning for months on how we could have a dinosaur birthday party while also honoring her girly side. I think we were pretty successful!

It all starts with the food and the labeling is important. The kids were talking to me about how they loved the dino spikes and how hot the hot lava was. It just adds to the fun. (Signs say: “For Baby Dinosaurs, For Herbivores, Dino Spikes, Dino Eggs, Dino Bones, Dino Scales)


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This cake is absolutely perfect for my daughter. She is very much like a dinosaur but still loves to dress up and be a princess. It was the perfect combination for her.


The guests totally “got” the theme and thrilled Maddy when she realized how many new dinosaurs she was getting.

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She and her brother even received dinosaur tails!



We ended the party with our science experiments (though the kids didn’t even realize they were doing science). Do these look familiar?


Each kid was able to get three eggs. They were then told that they could either break open the eggs (they were soft enough) or they could spray vinegar on them to “hatch” them. All ages of kids loved it!




Lastly, we had the volcano erupt (before this, it was a table centerpiece).



This little girl had the best day. The dinosaurs seemed to have a good time too.


Celebrate your children’s passions. They will thank you for it some day.

Do you have an idea for our next series for Sensory Saturdays? Comment with ideas below!

Much love,
<3 Jamie