Hi Everyone,

In support of the Teal Pumpkin Project, our social media coordinator Torre decided to join in on the fun and show usย how easy it can be to incorporate them into your Fall decor.

1. Select a pumpkin, any size will do! Make sure that you select one that you don’t plan on eating afterwards because the paint will make it unsafe to consume!



2. Select your paint and don’t worry about what shade of teal – it just has to be teal! We recommend a spray can but paintbrushes will work too.


3. Paint the pumpkin on a surface that you don’t mind getting dirty like a piece of cardboard, paper bags or newspapers.




4. Don’t forget the bottom of the pumpkin!



5. Put as many coats of paint on the pumpkin as you like but allow it to air dry completely before trying to handle it. The pumpkin itself may have a different texture now due to the paint (more slippery) so be careful handling it to avoid dropping it.


6. Your pumpkin is all done! Go ahead and place it out front in any decorative manner you wish. You might want to print and post/circulate some of the posters/flyers to let the community know what the pumpkin signifies.


7. The next step is to GO BUY TREATS! There will be a post coming soon with a list of food alternative treats and other info, so be on the lookout!


Happy Halloween to young and old, regardless of the kind of treat you choose to enjoy!

Liz Cameoย Liz