Are you ready for some cuteness?

Meet Charlotte, known to those who love her as Char.

 looking adorable in the Vintage Dollhouse Dress, this dressshirt is really flexible, you can add leggings to it when they get older and get more life out of it!

This sweet little treat has been an I Bambini Clothing fan for a couple of years.  She is now three years old and still loving her I Bambini dresses.  She loves everything pink (my kind of girl!) and playing outside.

Charlotte is girly, strong willed, loving, fun & laid back.

Her favorite food is Rice & Meat (Kalbi).

Bet you can’t guess her favorite movie.  Yup, Frozen!

Flowers are her favorite and, because of that, she loves Spring.

Her favorite vacation was going to the Great Wolf Lodge with her family.

Many thanks to Charlotte and her Mom for sending in her picture and participating in I FANbini Friday!  If you’d like to have your little sweetie featured, send us a photo!  We love showing off our fans!