Every now and then, a moment comes our way and changes us forever. These moments come in forms of pure happiness, realization, hope, betrayal, enlightenment, and heartbreak. Out of heartbreak comes hope. Hope for a new beginning, hope to move on, hope to love what is lost and accept new love.

In comes Eve, she represents life. Life is fragile, life is beautiful, life is precious. As full force as a howling wind or as subtle as a summer whisper, you draw your first and last breath all the same.


A friend called and had asked me to make a special dress for her little girl. At first I was a little confused since we were close in our pregnancy range, but she had explained that the baby wasn’t going to make it and she wanted something special for her angel baby to rest in. It touched my heart and honored me that I would be able to serve in this way.

I always said I wanted to help and give back when I started my business, but I wasn’t quite sure how that would come to fruition. As I was thrown into the special needs world, I grew more and more passionate about giving back there. My son is special needs and we were blessed to have our needs covered. So my goal had been to one day, grow my business enough where I could steadily give back to help out individual families with their needs for special needs services and equipment.

But, I’ve had two opportunities come my way since starting my business, to give back in a way that no monetary value can be put towards. These opportunities allowed me to design from a place that was love and grief. I would say, that through these two experiences, I was able to help carry a small morsel of the burden of a grieving parent. For that, I am forever grateful that I was worthy enough to serve.


These pieces are forever beautiful and tragic in their own right. But, the wonderful side to this, is that it helps with the grieving process. Who knew, a piece of cloth could bring such comfort to one’s heart? This fills me with some level of comfort and peace for the parent and I pray that it brings them some too.

Back to the name, I chose Eve, because she represents all aspects of life. She was born of God’s image and her name means “life”. From there, I was inspired to create something that was delicate, yet strong. I chose an all cotton, delicate eyelet for the main fabric.


The embroidery is original hand drawn art that I had incorporated the colors of the Dominican Republic flag and the Italian Millefiore bead into. Those two things had significant meaning to my friend. It features a half inch flutter sleeve in the front, and 2 big flutters in the back to represent wings for the little one.


The back of the dress and around the waist was just simple elastic for easy slipping on and ribbon corset for tightening. I also made a simple matching braided halo with the same eyelet and some ribbon. Fleur L’enfant donated the lavender satchel as the final touch. The keepsake crate was crafted by my husband.

Rest in peace little one. Know that you were loved the moment you became, and now forever more. “…6 Therefore we are always confident, although we know that while we are at home in the body, we are away from the Lord. 7 For we live by faith, not by sight. 8 We are confident, then, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord.…”