The Hair Chronicles
Hello again, lovelies!

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Northwest Ohio, it is finally thawing out. We have been surrounded by snow for months now and the kids and I have been getting cabin fever. I don’t have to worry about the full, puffy coats and heavy winter hats any more and I hope it’s for good! Until next winter that is.

So spring has sprung, and it’s time for a new look.

Here’s something you might not know about me. I have so much fun playing with my hair. I am not afraid to go short or do fun colors. Here is the style that brought me into the world of fun hair color.
2013-11-19 10.41.09
I have since done purple and blue. Rainbow hairstyles look like SO MUCH FUN to me.

I decided last year that I would gradually go blonde. It was a fun change but just wasn’t my style.

I wanted something more fun so I tried a red and blonde ombre and loved how it looked. However, it KILLED my hair.

It was one of my favorite hairstyles but since I like to change it up a lot, it left me with little options since my hair is so dry and brittle where there was blonde.

Today, I went to get a trim and a color since the blonde was starting to pull through again. The results were great!
2015-03-11 12.26.12

I want to be able to keep growing out my hair without causing additional damage. I would also like to reverse some of the damage I have done. So, I need your help!

What products do you use to keep your hair healthy and smooth? Where do you get your products and how did you find out about them? I would love to see some pictures of your hair! Any other adventurers out there?

And lastly, when my hair is healthy again, I want to go back to a fun peekaboo color. What color do you suggest? I will do any color!

Keep living, friends. Never stop having fun.

Much love,