Happy Days was inspired by my grandmother in law, (see Jacqueline Jumper), and this print just reminds me of all the goodies they would bake. During the summers, you can always count on a fresh strawberry pie and fresh jams made from berries in their garden. In the fall there would be delicious caramel coffee cake, pumpkin pie, and apple-walnut cake. In the winter, canned goods from the garden are enjoyed throughout. Then we start all over in the spring!

No matter what time of year it is, there is always some kind of delight to be found at Pop and Happy’s whether you are 8 or 28 years old. “Happy Days” pertains to joyful memories and happy days spent at Pop and Happy’s as well as my grandmother’s nickname: Happy.

This sweet peplum top and duo-tone chambray pants are perfect for going into the fall and early spring days!

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