Earth Day

Earth Day

I am the Earth
And the Earth is me.
Each blade of grass,
Each honey tree,
Each bit of mud,
And stick and stone
Is blood and muscle,
Skin and bone.

And just as I
Need every bit
Of me to make
My body fit,
So Earth needs
Grass and stone and tree
And things that grow here

That’s why we
Celebrate this day.
That’s why across
The world we say:
As long as life,
As dear, as free,
I am the Earth
And the Earth is me.

I think this poem is absolutely beautiful. It explains why we have a day to remind us that the earth we live on needs attention because it is a part of us.

Last week we discussed how you can celebrate Earth Day with your little ones. I hope you were inspired! Today we will talk about WHY we celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day received its start in the 1970s when a U.S. senator, Gaylord Nelson, witnessed the 1969 massive oil spill in California. He decided to raise awareness about air and water pollution through his political standing. On April 22nd, 1970, 20 million people took to the streets to participate in coast-to-coast rallies to protest against the damage being caused to the environment. People who fought for various environmental issues saw their common values during the first Earth Day. It was a common denominator across political and socio-economic lines and has remained so.

In the 1990s, Earth Day campaigns presented the importance of worldwide recycling. Today, the focus is a push for clean energy and understanding (and trying to prevent) global warming. Although there may be a certain focus in various decades, we still need to remember all the environmental issues that affect us every day.

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd every year and there are countless ways to get involved. You can find a community and events to participate in or do your own individual part with your family to celebrate. Earth Day brings awareness to important issues that we need to remember throughout the year. I am so grateful to have this reminder!

How are you celebrating? Do you recycle? What are your memories of Earth Day when you were growing up?


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Much love,
<3 Jamie