For the last three years, my daughter was homeschooled.

There were many perks to our schooling choice; no alarms to set, no lunches to pack, no school parties to prep for.  Ahhh, it was a glorious.

But all of that ended last month when we decided it was time to transition to public school.

So far it hasn’t been bad.  School doesn’t start until 9, so we still don’t set alarms.  And packing school lunches is actually kind of fun (I love Pizza Day Tuesday since it means I get the day off).  But it’s February now and I’m about to hit my first school party.

Josie is thrilled.  The idea of glitter and glue and paint and hearts and candy, well, it’s almost like the day was designed especially for her.  I have one week to our School Valentine Debut, so it’s time to hit Pinterest and get to crafting.

And today I’m going to share our top picks with you!

(Shameless Plug: The first two are actually crafts we’ve done each year for Valentine’s Day)


Handprint Hearts via: Journey To Josie

2009Candy Cane Heart Pops via: Journey To Josie

bee-my-valentines-free-printablesBee My Valentine via Polkadot Chair

extra-valentine-headerExtra Awesome Valentine via Crafting Chicks

IMG_3798-1Bubble Valentines via Simply Modern Mom

Happy Crafting Loves!