Aviary Photo_130653187851796663Greetings iBambini fans!

I would like to take some time to introduce myself to your community as I am now a part of it. My name is Jamie and I live in a small town in Northwest Ohio. I have been a wife for nearly five years and a mother for nearly four. I have a fun, adventurous almost 4-year old daughter, named Madalynne, who flourishes in an environment where she can be her sassy, spunky self. I also have a son, Oliver, who is reserved and observant, and is the best cuddler in the world. Being a mother has shaped who I am today which has also refocused my career.

My passion for many years was teaching. I received a Bachelor’s degree for teaching and fresh out of college, I was able to see my dream come true. I taught English to 6th-8th graders for one year (and what a year it was!). Then I got married and shortly after, was pregnant with my daughter. When she came, I knew my new passion was her. That led me to a career that I absolutely adore – virtual assistance. I have a variety of clients from various locations that have varying tasks for me to do daily. It has shown me that I can be extremely flexible while also working hard. The skills I learned while being a teacher helped shape my work ethic that is essential for any work-at-home mom. I can’t believe I am lucky enough to be home with my kids while also doing a job that I love.

One of my favorite things of every day is watching my daughter pick out her outfit for the day. She enjoys dressing up and likes to complete each outfit with a tiara – usually (today’s outfit included Batman gear, head to toe). Although my son is too young to choose his own clothing, I try to make him stand out as a little young man who is worth investing time and energy into what he wears. I couldn’t be happier that children’s fashion has changed in the past few years. My children can look like individuals and have their own style at a young age instead of looking like every other child that they encounter. Even though we live in a small town, I still love giving my daughter the option to wear something special on a daily basis.

I am so happy that I discovered i Bambini. I look forward to working in this industry and to not only getting to know you all, but for you to get to know me.

Much love,