It can be hard to find gifts for those loved ones on our lists that seem to have everything or already bought that thing you meant to get for them…it almost takes the fun out of gift-giving because it shouldn’t be that hard! You shouldn’t need a detectives license to find something for that special person on your list and if nothing seems to be good enough, you might be trying too hard.
My husband is one of those people – he buys what he wants throughout the year and while he is fairly predictable, it makes buying stuff for him incredibly hard and stressful for me. I mean really…how many times can you really give someone a video game for a special occasion? The best way to get out of a gift-giving rut is to get re-inspired and break out of the mentality that you have to buy people stuff. What if you gifted them something useful that they use all the time, which is helpful and thoughtful at the same time?
Some of the best gifts I have received or given are gift certificates to salons or spas, subscriptions to online services like Netflix and Hulu or memberships to services like XBOX Live or commuter travel cards. These gifts mean a lot to people because they truly need them and will use them – you are helping them in their daily life by getting them and they may even appreciate them more because it takes the burden off of them to provide this for themselves.

Here are some ideas to consider when buying a non-traditional gift:

  1. Memberships to local attractions (zoos, aquariums, museums)
  2. Season passes to theaters or amusement & water parks
  3. Magazine subscriptions (especially if they buy some religiously)
  4. Online services such as XBOX live, Gamefly, Hulu or Amazon Prime
  5. A prepaid commuter pass for that busy bee we all know
  6. Contribute to a vacation fund or pay some of their college expenses
  7. Movie tickets are free entertainment for younger folks (teens)
  8. Gift certificates to a favorite store will be a hit with picky recipients

Whatever you choose to do, all you have to do is focus on the importance of that person in your life and select something. They will love it because you gave it to them- why else would you be getting them anything otherwise? Let us know what other ideas you have or share some unique and thoughtful gifts that you have received over the years!

Liz CameoΒ  Β Liz