Happy New Year!!!!

2019 was a pivotal year for I Bambini Clothing. I FINALLY released my Christmas dress that has been on pen and paper since 2013. The release was a success and it made my heart so happy to see you all in the Noel Dress set. 

I’ve been working on planning and being more organized for 2020 because, at the end of the day, I just love designing clothes more than anything else I’ve ever done. 

Hello, NEW pretty things:

  • You may have seen me ask for feedback and post a picture of a fancy box with random words about subscription. Well it’s finalized and it’s here! I cannot WAIT to share with you!

    Here’s what you get, a monthly box of magic delivered to you, made for your daughter, designed by YOU! This first release of subscription design will be based on the BX Alberta Dress, you get to choose from prints I’ve chosen for the month, your sleeve length and style preference, and POCKET options! How exciting is that? You can also let me surprise you if you don’t want to choose. 🙂

    You can choose from monthly and 3 month options. I will add other subscription options later in the year but right now I want to get my logistics down. I have a pretty good idea of what everything will require but want to refine those last few kinks.

    It’s not too late to sign up: https://forms.gle/jWJh2YzWWnH95JJJ8 For the early adopters, you’ll get special pricing and be a part of my box panel, meaning you get exclusive sneak peeks and even help in the design process.
  • “Heirloom Collection” is in the works and will soon be available on the website, the Noel Dress set of 2019 will be a part of this collection. This collection entails all of the inspiration of vintage designs with petti-skirts and all of the wonderful charm of nostalgia for the good ol days. The next one coming up is Easter 2020, there’s a sneak peek for it in my VIP group! Heirloom Easter will be made to order and will open in early February.
Noel, Dress Set, Christmas 2019
  • “Premier Collection” is also a new collection for me, I’ve released small sneaks here and there, this is mostly geared towards inspiration taken from your favorite childhood fairy tales. These timeless stories are familiar to us as they are to our children, why not bring the magic and imagination to real life? First release will be mid February.

I have many, many more designs and ideas, join the discussion and be a part of the I Bambini family by joining our community! https://www.facebook.com/groups/IBambiniClothing/