It’s time to introduce you to two more of our amazing brand reps! Last week we introduced you to Corbyn and Lorelai. This week you get to meet Rosalie and Graeye Elliott. You will be seeing more of these two beauties next week in our blog when we show you how they styled their Sophia dresses! This is all so exciting and we are thrilled to have these two ladies modeling our dresses.

First up, we have Rosalie.


Rosalie is five years old and an only child. She would tell you she has a brother who is actually her puppy, Murphy. How cute is that?! She loves to dress up and look like a princess but she also loves to play outside: coloring with chalk, jumping on her trampoline, riding her bike, and playing with her friends. She’s constantly singing and chatting with her imaginary sisters.

We are so glad we get to see you in our designs, Rosalie!


This little cutie is Graeye Elliot. She is a 19 month old only child that is spunky and already very opinionated. She goes 90 to nothing at all times! Graeye Elliot loves to play, just graduated from swimming lessons, and has a posse of friends at a local parenting community where she’s referred to by the adults as “Queen Bee”! She loves music and dances whenever she hears it. Her very best friend is her twenty-three pound cat, Bear. They are now the same weight! Her favorite things are pickles, her sparkly purse, Mickey Mouse, watermelon, and trailing toilet paper throughout the house!

Graeye Elliot, you are our kind of gal and we can’t wait to see you in more of our clothing!

Thank you for joining us, little ladies!

Do you have any questions for either of our two new brand reps? We can get the answers for you!

Join us next week to see these ladies in their Sophia dresses!