Were you part of the I Bambini Clothing brand rep search? It was so exciting and difficult to choose our new reps and we are already looking forward to when we get to do it again!

Today, we want to introduce you two very special little ladies that will be representing the brand. They are adorable and feisty and we can’t wait to see them in I Bambini Clothing designs!


This little darling is Corbyn and she is 19 months old. She is a true tomboy and loves being outdoors and getting dirty. The funny thing is, she prefers to get dirty with a bow and necklace, even if she is only in a diaper! She has two big brothers, so she has to be rough and tumble. She is a bit of a bully, but she gets away with it at the YMCA because everyone thinks it’s funny.

We are so happy to have you aboard, Corbyn!


Next up is lovely Lorelai. Lorelai is 18 months and she is always on the go! She is a wild child and loud and if she isn’t loud, it’s because she’s probably getting into trouble. She loves playing outside but is not interested in getting dirty. She’s sassy and act’s like she is a teenager so basically, she is just like her mother! πŸ™‚

Welcome aboard, little ladies! We are thrilled to have you ride along for this adventure!

Do you have any questions for Corbyn and Lorelai? We can get you answers!

Stay tuned to find out more about our other brand reps.