Sometimes I crash into my bed at night, start to close my eyes and the wonder, what will my children remember about today? Most days, I am sad to admit, aren’t all that memorable. They pass quickly and fade into the abyss.

But sometimes…

Sometimes we have experiences that I know they will remember with fondness. I have come to grips with the fact that not every day can be absolutely extraordinary for them, or for me, and that is okay. That is life. But then there are glimpses of unadulterated happiness.

This past weekend, it was finally beautiful outside. I decided we would go visit Grandma and since she is only two and a half blocks away, we decided to walk there.



Maddy kept repeating over and over, “Spidergirl and Batman are best friends!” I can’t tell you what that did to this mother’s heart. It was a simple and short walk there, but images of them holding hands and being superheroes together will last me a lifetime.

On the walk back home, Oliver started to discover a love of Maddy’s: muddy puddles. Peppa Pig spurred on this love of puddles for Maddy, but all Oliver needed to see was his big sis playing in them. Then he was no longer pensive about them.

3 (1)

That little taste of muddy puddle freedom made them literally jump at the chance to play in the puddle in our driveway.


My first instinct was to tell them no and to herd them inside. Instead, I asked myself what it would hurt and then took it a step further and asked how it would help. The answer was resounding. I was going to let them be kids and enjoy the moment.




Both kids were so thrilled to be allowed to jump, and play, and get dirty but Maddy had that special twinkle in her eye.


That, my friends, that is what has made all the difference because truly, sometimes it just doesn’t matter how dirty, sweaty or grimy they get, they are making memories. I love that they are making memories with each other and for themselves but it makes it even more special for me to experience their happiness and carefree sentiments. It will be something I remember when they are no longer children.

So please, mothers, embrace the kid-nature of your children. Join in. Laugh, get dirty, be carefree. What is the point of life if you can’t have fun?

What was the last thing you did to let your kids be kids?

Much love,
<3 Jamie