I am the first person to admit that I cant sit still and I have really bad OCD at times…it’s just something that comes along with my personality and my line of work. You would think that this awesome organizational attention to detail would garner me points for Mom of the Year…but alas, it does not – my family hates when I start cleaning because it becomes this all day project that takes up all their time.

Oh well…at the least house is clean…grumble…..Enough about me and my craziness though, I promised to share some cool ideas for cleaning and organizing. Here are some ideas I love from around the web, various books I have read over time and secrets my mom shared with me. This is the first in a series of posts sharing some cool inspiration for storage solutions, DIY remodeling projects and cleaning in a more efficient (and perhaps greener) way that I have been compiling over time from a variety of sources, both online, in print and from personal experience of family members and friends.

1 – You can re-purpose plant baskets as storage bins in just about any room of your home. I like them in kid’s rooms because you can spray paint them any color you like to match the color scheme and they work better than bookshelves for books, toys, stuff animals, etc.


2 – I really love this idea for a little girl’s bedroom; who wouldn’t want something like this to store all their little costumes and dressy outfits?!? The awesome part is that it is a piece that could grow with her, transitioning to other items like scarves, purses, etc as she grows.


3 – What about a sports caddy for a little boy? This is a cute way to store all of that sports equipment and show it off at the same time for easy access. This project might require a little more time and effort since its built from scratch but hey – you can do it!


4 – This is a great way to keep smaller toys and dolls organized and gives a new use for this kind of organizing tool.  I just wish that the pockets were bigger for my daughter’s dolls. 



5 – This is one that I am going to start making for myself…as soon I can keep my kids out of my office and out of my office supplies. I can dream right?


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite clever storage solutions from around the web. Feel free to share some of your ideas and pictures with me and I hope to show you my own (hopefully) cute drawer organizers in the near future once I get some time to collect, organize and beautify my office area. I will leave you with a link to a cool video with tutorials on how to do five awesome life hacks of your own that are super easy and only take like 5 minutes to do a piece. 


Liz CameoLiz