What do you do when your love is oh so big but your budget is oh so small? Head over to Pinterest, of course!

It can be difficult to show your partner how much you love them when money is tight. Here are some ultra-creative (and inexpensive) gifts that you can give this Valentine’s Day:

Who doesn’t love root beer floats? Thirty Handmade Days shares a great idea for a root beer float basket. Yum!

I know my guy often needs new socks. The Thriftiness Miss came up with a perfect and practical solution to show your love with a handmade sock boutique.

For the creative types, here is a great way to remind your love of your affection through the year. Via Visual Heart

Here is a great thing to wake up to! The Child at Heart blog shares other easy ways to win over his heart.

The Love Nerds explain a way to extend the love beyond Valentine’s Day and turns it into 14 Days of Love. Read their fantastic ideas for dating your partner at home (some of the ideas are completely FREE!).

What are you doing for your partner this Valentine’s Day? We would love to hear your ideas!

Find more ways to shower your partner and kids with love this Valentine’s Day and beyond on our Pinterest board!

With love,
<3 Jamie