I am not a Siamese cat – I am a CHIHUAHUA!”

These are the words Skippyjon Jones chants when looking into his mirror. He actually is a Siamese cat, but rebels against this fact on the basis that “his ears are too big for his head and his head is too big for his body”.  And so he tells himself he is a chihuahua and goes off on adventures as ‘Skippito Friskito the great sword fighter!’.

If you are looking for a character to make your child smile, Skippyjon is the kitty-boy for you! His books are brimming with fun and imagination, rhymes and tongue twisters. They also have a few Spanish words thrown in here and there to pique your child’s interest in other languages.

Judy Schachner has written many books for you and your child to enjoy together…so go have an adventure with Skippyjon, his 3 sisters-Jilly Boo, Jezebel, and Ju-Ju Bee, his mother-Mama Junebug Jones and his friends-Los Chimichangos.

You’ll be glad you did!

Here’s a link to his website: http://www.skippyjonjones.com/

Does your child have a favorite book or character?? Tell me about them! I’m always looking for new books.

xo 😉