As someone new to the team here at I Bambini Clothing, I have been loving getting to know the girls behind the magic.

And I’m pretty sad that we only have a couple girls left to meet before this party will be over. But rather than sit here and be sad, we came up with another awesome idea to help ring in your weeks. We are now taking suggestions for Mompreneur Monday!

If you, or someone you know, is a mom that also runs her own awesome business, leave a comment with their info. We want to spread the love to all the Moms our there making it happen everyday!

For today though, I have a sweet Mom from our team to introduce you to.

Jamie is one of the amazing team members that helps run this blog. You’ve seen her adorable kids and read about her super fun days right here. Now let’s get to know her just a little bit better.

Jamie is married with two adorable babies. Her husband was her boyfriend in 7th grade, even though they never spoke, only wrote letters to each other. When she found out from a friend that he wanted to kiss her so she broke up with him! They had their first kiss 7 years later!

And if that’s not the most adorable love story, I don’t know what is!

Now they have a daughter, Madalynne, who will be 4 in April. She is currently obsessed with dinosaurs. Their son, Oliver, is 16 months and he likes to eat frozen tator tots.


They all live in Edgerton, Ohio where she’s lived since she was 1.

Jamie describes herself as a 29-year old former English teacher who found her true calling in motherhood. She joined up with I Bambini Clothing when she saw a job listing on and when she went to the website, she was hooked.

Now let’s hear from Jamie herself.

What’s your favorite book?

I am totally in to young adult fiction lately. However, my all time favorite book is The Shack.

What’s your favorite Disney character?

It used to be Ariel. Now it’s Anna. I love that they made an awkward girl a princess!


It’s vacation time, where are you going? Mountains, Beach, Desert, Lake?


What 3 items are you taking to a deserted island?

Not including my family?? A book of classics, a tarp, and a razor.

What’s one guilty pleasure you just can’t give up?

Reality TV

What’s your favorite dessert?

A local restaurant makes the most delicious peanut butter pie. I have to get it every time.

Thanks Jamie!

And to all of you beautiful people, leave us a comment with some mom businesses you love! Β And have yourself a fabulous week!