Good Morning Friends!

If you’re suffering from a Case Of The Mondays, have no fear.  We have a fun new series coming up for you that will help you make it through.  You may have noticed on Facebook that there are quite a few new members on the I Bambini Team.  We are growing and getting ready for some big (and super adorable) things in 2015.

But before we get too far into it, we wanted to introduce you to each of the amazing faces behind I Bambini!

First up is Kim, the lady behind this whole company.  


She is an inspiring woman who took a love for design and fashion and turned it into a real, live clothing line.  After years of feeling the tug to do something about her dream, she launched I Bambini.  While trying to come up with a name, her husband suggested using the Italian word for children.  What a perfect fit!

So now that you know a little about how Kim landed this dream job, let’s get to know her just a little better.


Tell us about your family:

I’m an only child, and the only, only child I know of that has always wanted siblings, LOL!  I am married, and have 2 wonderful little monsters.

Where do you live:

We moved to St. Louis from Italy in September 2013. I have lived just about everywhere!

When you aren’t working for the best company ever, what would we find you doing?

Cooking or shopping!

I love to cook, so I love when there is an opportunity for me to host and cook for people.  I love to show them what food is suppose to look, taste, and feel like.

Magical things happen when I shop.  I think my happiness is infectious and it makes everyone around me just as excited as I am to shop for things.  Just ask Sarah. 😀 

What’s your favorite Disney character?

Ariel, I always wanted to be a mermaid. 

It’s vacation time, where are you going? Mountains, Beach, Desert, Lake? 

Anywhere in Italy, but I LOVE Florence, there is just something about it that anchors my heart.  The leather market, I could shop there for days, although my husband and wallet gets anxious….   

What would your dream job be?

THIS, creating and designing timeless fashion. 

What’s one guilty pleasure you just can’t give up?

German chocolate cake frosting, with a side of cake.  If that’s unavailable, then no bake cookies.