To Blog
To blog, or not to blog, that has been the question…

I’ve never attempted to write a blog. Hell, I don’t really even read any blogs. I’ll make an exception for the occasional news article that pops up and is written by a blogger, but other than that I’ve never felt a need to read other peoples random thoughts. I’ve never considered writing one myself because I’ve never felt that I had anything to say that others would find worthy of reading.

I’m a pretty simple guy, and I like to keep things in my life as simple as they can be. So many things in life are already complicated enough, I don’t see a reason or need to complicate them any further than they already are.

I recently discovered, however, that I was looking at the whole blogging thing from the wrong perspective. Ever since I was a little kid I tried starting various journals to help record my many thoughts, ideas, and adventures that I experienced. I probably started a journal half a dozen times. I discovered though that starting a journal was easy. Maintaining it, however, is a whole different story. With this in mind I came to see blogging as an opportunity to write down my thoughts and ideas, and essentially record parts of my life that I hope my children will look at one day and maybe gain some measure of insight into how their dad was, and possibly even make correlations between myself and them. Having lost my own mother when I was a teenager, I’d love the opportunity to read her thoughts and see how much alike I am to her as an adult.

So I’ve decided to write a blog, great! Now the next obvious question I faced was, what do I write about? And who’s going to care? Well, with my new found perspective on blogging I figured I’ll just write about my family, my life, and other things such as hobbies, projects, etc. As for who’s going to care and read my stuff, who cares? I’m doing this for myself and perhaps for my kids. I hope to find some perspective while writing, to possibly give myself some time to think more deeply about things that are going on in my life. Too often we’re caught up in the daily grind and forget what it’s like to just sit back and think about your day, your life, or just the meaning of things in general.

As I said before, I like to keep things simple, and that includes my blog. So with that said, I look forward to sharing my thoughts from week to week, and in the process begin keeping a record of my life with the hope of one day sharing it with my future adult children. So until next week, carry on…

Mr. I Bambini