We are coming to the end of our new brand enthusiasts but we still hope to give very warm welcome to our little ladies! We have said hello to Mahaley & Ellis, Hailey & Ellie, Izzy & Marlee, and Kerris & Kinley. Today, we say, “HEY!” to Emersyn & Everly.


Emersyn and Everly are 3-year-old and 2-year-old little girls from a small city called Owensboro in Kentucky. They live surrounded by farmland and open spaces. They can often share clothes because they are so similar in size although, often times, Emersyn isn’t a huge fan of sharing with her sister.


They can sometimes be best friends and run around and play with each other. Other times they are each other’s worst enemy and fight with each other over everything. They both love to play outside. Their favorite game to play is Hide and Seek, which they especially like to play with their great grandfather.


Emersyn is a girly girl. She loves princesses, dressing up, and shoes. She absolutely hates getting dirty, but she also hates baths! This is because she can’t stand anything to do with water – swimming and sprinklers included! Emersyn is also a fan of all things creepy. Her favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas and she loves anything that reminds her of Jack Skellington. She is even celebrating her birthday in November with a Nightmare Before Christmas party! She recently started doing gymnastics and is surprisingly good on the balance beams!


Everly Kate is a much different girl than her sister. Everly loves napping and her “Frozen blankie” (just a blanket with Elsa and Anna on it!) more than anything. She loves to play in the dirt and in water but her most favorite thing to play in is rocks. She loves to just chill out and watch some television, especially Elena of Avalon and Blaze and the Monster Machines, or play with puzzles on her tablet. She is a highly opinionated little girl. She can be very bossy and sassy. She loves to tell you what to do or what she is going to do always followed by her saying, “Okay, mommy? Ok?” She’s a self-proclaimed “Snuggle Monster” so after she bosses you around she’s got plenty of hugs for you.


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We just love these sisters! Do you have any questions for them? Ask below!

We are so happy to have you both, Emersyn and Everly! Thank you for joining our team. <3