Are you ready to meet two more lovely little ladies that will be representing our brand? You will love these two! Catch up on our other brand enthusiast introductions here and here. Today, say “hey!!” to Izzy and Marlee.

Izzy is a fiesty 4-year-old that keeps us on our toes. She loves ballet, tap, singing, and drawing. She’s always up for adventure and snuggle time with her Mom and Dad. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese and chocolate. She loves to dress up and put on a show and is an avid reader. We are so excited to represent such an amazing brand!




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Marlee is 4 years old and is the youngest of five children. She is the baby of the family and loves to use that to her advantage. She is really the sweetest little girl and so loved by all her siblings. She is so funny and loves to make everyone laugh. She is involved in gymnastics and dance. She loves preschool, playing with her siblings, swimming, dancing, and pretty much any animal.




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The I Bambini Clothing company is so happy to have these two on our team! You both are awesome! <3

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Stay tuned for a few more introductions in the coming weeks. Also, make sure to check out our 10K Fan Giveaway right here!