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New Brand Enthusiasts: Kerris & Kinley

New Brand Enthusiasts: Kerris & Kinley

Are you ready to welcome two more new brand reps? These two are special and we know you will love them!

Here are our other introductions if you missed them: Mahaley & Ellis, Hailey & Ellie, Izzy & Marlee.


Kerris and Kinley are two and half years old and identical twins. These two absolutely love each other and love to laugh. They are both obsessed with animals and visit the zoo weekly.


Kerris is super outgoing and has no fear. Kinley is a little more reserved and shy but once she is comfortable, she has no problem letting you know she is in charge.


If you ask Kinley what her name is, she will tell you “Kinley Bug” and Kerris says her name is “Kerris Wheel”.


These two have many opinions about their clothing lately but still let their mom dress them alike!


Follow Kerris & Kinley here.

Kerris and Kinley, we are so happy to have you on our team and can’t wait to see more from both of you! <3 Have any questions for these two? Comment below with your questions and we will get the answers. In the meantime, say hello to these two lovely ladies!

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