Friends, we are almost to the end of the introductions of our fabulous brand enthusiasts. They have been nothing but a joy to the company and we are so happy they joined our team! Be sure to check out Harleigh & Harper, Brooklyn & Lexington, Ashlyn & Paige, and Averlie & Lilyian if you haven’t already. These girls are the absolute best!

Now let us introduce you to Lola and Fiona who are lovely sisters!


Lola, four years old, and Fiona, two years old, from Dallas, Texas are almost exactly two years apart so Lola’s beautiful dresses and shoes are able to be passed down to Fiona. They are of Mexican, Sicilian, German and English decent in that order. They have been brand reps for a little over a year now. They are best friends and love dressing up; especially in princess dresses, having tea parties, picking and planting flowers, fairy garden, swimming, playing with puzzles, arts and crafts, singing and dancing, and going to petting zoos. They both love animals and have been begging to get another dog since last year and this year they lost their dogs to old age.



Lola loves helping around the house, loves ballet, hip hop and tumbling and just completed her first year of PreK (3K). She just loved school. She’s been attending dance and book camp this summer and soon VBS and can’t wait to go to the beach! Lola also wants to learn to play the piano and loves classical music.



Fiona loves dolls, puzzles and climbing on anything and everything. She’s a bit of a daredevil and crazy wild child while Lola is always cautious and a natural leader. Fiona also loves music. Her favorite is Adele while Lola’s favorite is Taylor Swift. They love spending time with their big sister, my stepdaughter Skylar, and their cousins. They love their grandparents and just enjoy spending time as a family and they love Jesus!


Sophia Dress
Sophia Dress

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How perfect are these sisters?! We adore them and are so proud to have them as part of our team!

Have any questions for Lola and/or Fiona? Ask them below and we will get answers for you!