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As summer is winding down, so are our brand enthusiast introductions. We hope you have loved getting to know Harleigh & Harper, Brooklyn & Lexington, Ashlyn & Paige, Averlie & Lilyian, Lola & Fiona, Annabelle & Allegra, and Preslei. Are you ready to meet the last of our brand enthusiasts? They are sweet sisters!

Lyla Grace and Lilyanne are best friends. They’re the youngest of four sisters. They both have spirited, playful, and loving personalities. Lyla is six years old. She is starting first grade soon and already loves math and reading. She likes to cuddle with mom and play make-believe with her dolls and stuffed animals. Lilyanne is starting kindergarten. She is spunky and sassy and already has her first crush. Lyla and Lilyanne always wake up with smiles and love to get dressed up in ruffles every day. They’re excited to model in their new I Bambini clothes. Once in a while you might see their eleven year old sister, Lindsay Jane, modeling.






Bo Peep Leggings in Navy
Bo Peep Leggings in Navy



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Don’t you just adore these sisters?! We love and appreciate having them on our team!

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What a great group of enthusiasts we have, right?!