Friends, we have a new round of brand enthusiasts to introduce you to and we are thrilled with our new team! Please give a warm welcome to two of our newest enthusiasts, Mahaley and Ellis, who are twins!


Mahaley and Ellis will be 2 the day before Halloween.ย ย They may be twins but they are totally different.


Mahaley is a Mama’s girl and is shy with most everyone else. She has tons of energy and is always climbing things and getting into trouble.


Ellis is the smaller twin and is surprisingly the aggressor. She is always telling Mahaley what to do. Her smile is infectious and she is so likable. She rarely meets a stranger and gives the best hugs and kisses.


Overall they are crazy fun and love to dress up and take pictures in exchange for candy!


Follow Mahaley & Ellis here.

Welcome to the I Bambini Clothing team, beauties! We are so lucky to have you!

Do you have any questions for Mahaley and Ellis? You ask, we answer! Ask your questions below.

We will see you next week for our next introduction!