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Please give a warm I Bambini Clothing welcome to these special sisters, Mila & Maddyn.


Mila and Maddyn are two-year-old fraternal twins. They love dancing, music, playing outside, riding their scooters, swimming, and gymnastics. While they are so much alike, they are also very different.


Mila is a social butterfly, sassy and sweet at the same time. She loves to make people laugh and loves playing games. Her favorite things are her cat, her sister, and bubbles! She has a smile that will light up a room and her lighthearted silly personality brings happiness to so many.


Maddyn is loving and caring and loves to talk. She is a fashionista that loves to dress up and take pictures, but also loves to climb and run. Her favorite place is the park. She wants to be a grown up already and loves to help mommy cook and clean. She cannot wait to go to school. She is very independent and is determined to do everything by herself.


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Aren’t they amazing?!

We are so very lucky to have you two on our team! We are looking forward to seeing more from you both.

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