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Have you been enjoying meeting our awesome new round of brand reps? We have loved sharing these fun tidbits with you all! These little ladies are the faces of our brand and we are so lucky to have them on our team.

You have met Holland, Amara, and Evie and today we want you to meet Adeline.

2016 Brand Reps Adeline

Adeline is the perfect mix of tomboy and girl. She will paint her toenails (and toes….and legs) put on a dress, and go and wrestle with her brothers. Her room is, according to her, a girls only place and invites every friend she has to go and play in it. She loves to dance; The stage is her friend, and she does not have one shy bone in her body. Her favorite thing right now is her new cat, Tink, and anything chocolate. 




Oh, the perfect combination of lovely and fun! We are thrilled to have you on our team, Adeline!

Do you have any questions for Adeline? Ask and we will get answers!