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Have you enjoyed meeting Holland and Amara? Seriously, these little ladies are stealing my heart.  We have another special girl to introduce you to today and she is completely swoon-worthy.  Let us introduce you to Evie.

2016 Brand Reps Evie

Evie is the sweetest 20 month old tyrant in New York state — a true Southern Belle at heart. Her favorite thing is to go “OUT NOW!,” but if she is stuck inside on cold New York days, she likes to play dress up.  It is an adventure to see what she’s going to pull from her closet and demand to have “ON!” She also loves her cat Linus and her dog Maulie. Her favorite food is straight avocado and her favorite drink is the green smoothie from Panera. She has exquisite manners and even at such a tender age shows a marked thoughtfulness for her fellow baby, which should come handy in the fall when she levels up to Big Sister. Evie is also an avid reader. Her favorite books are Dog, Cat, and Moo, each by Matthew Van Fleet, and Goodnight Mr. Darcy. She is well known in her baby squad for being the quiet one with good taste, which is why she’s so pleased to be an I Bambini Brand Rep!





We are so happy to have you, sweet Evie!

Watch for Evie modeling I Bambini Clothing very soon! <3