Blog Intro

Our brand rep introductions are winding down and we are thrilled that soon we will get to show you these little ladies in I Bambini Clothing designs!

Our featured darling today is Mia.

Mia is a very outgoing 5-year-old who loves everyone. She takes gymnastics, dance, and horse back riding. She is also a model in her free time. She just started kindergarten and loves it! She loves dresses, she probably has 100 hanging in the closet, and is the true definition of a girly girl.

Here are some photos of Mia from magazines she has been in.



And here is Mia after she wrapped herself up to give to herself to her sister on her sister’s birthday.


You ARE a gift, Mia, and we are so happy to have you on our team!

Do you have any questions for Mia? Let us know and we will ask!