Blog Intro

By now, you have met and seen some modeling pictures of these amazing little ladies.  If you missed any of our blogs introducing our new brand reps, here are the girls we have introduced you to so far: AdelineHollandAmara, & Evie  Today, we would like you to meet Zora.

2016 Brand Reps Zora

Zora is 3 going on 16. She loves dinosaurs, all things Disney (especially the villains), playing outside, and playing pretend. She has an amazing imagination and can only be addressed by whatever character she is that day. She’s an only child and wants it to stay that way.





We love your spirit Zora!  Keep being you and the world will be yours (we just hope you won’t use your powers to be a villian). 🙂

Do you have any questions for Zora?  Ask them here and we will get them answered!