Friends, I had THE MOST amazing experience on Monday. I was able to watch one of my dearest friends give birth to her fourth little boy. The whole process was magical, exciting, disappointing, funny, overwhelming, tearful, and awesome. It is so hard to explain all of the emotions that you go through watching someone you love do something so raw, real, and powerful. I can only hope that everyone that desires to be a part of this experience is able to at some point in their lives. There is nothing better.

While my beautiful friend labored, there were so many times where I thought that people who haven’t been through labor may not see something special about the moment but I just saw something that I would want captured. One such moment I actually did capture.


An ordinary moment but one that makes me tear up. Can’t you just sense the bond these two have?

Here is another moment I had to capture. A thumb sucking baby is the cutest kind, right?

Finnick Archer
Finnick Archer

These pictures inspired me to see other examples of birthing photos that are in the midst of the uncomfortable or truly emotional moments. Here are some photographs you may want to get if you are blessed enough to labor a(nother) baby.

First time nursing via Beautiful Beginnings Birth Photography


Photo of the hospital (or home) via Today Is The Best Day


The Utensils and Machines via Lindsey Marlor Photography


Grandmother’s First Peek via Amelia Lyon


Cutting the umbilical cord via DFW Birth Photographer


Daddy’s First Look via iheartfaces


The Family’s Reaction via iheartfaces


One Last Belly Shot via Beautiful Beginnings Birth Photography


I could go on and on and on. I find birth so fascinating. It’s those ordinary, ugly, messy moments that are the ones that may not be popular but are the most beautiful to me.

Do you have a favorite newborn photo you would like to share? We would love to see those sweet faces!

Much love,
<3 Jamie