Pre-Ordering is now Closed

UPDATED: 5/15/2015Β 

Good evening! Hope you all have had a lovely Saturday! We enjoyed the beautiful weather and had a photoshoot done for some items in an upcoming event in June! πŸ™‚

So with the anticipation with the releases of these darling and limited dresses, I decided to gather some information in place and give some tips on carting with me.

I am a brand new line, so carting may not be so crazy…yet:

  • For now, releases will be on Mondays at 8pm (6 PST, 7 MST, and 9 EST) CST. This seems to work well for me and most other people.
  • Sales will be held for 24 hours or until it sells out. After that, prices will go up to the regular price (and that varies with each style).
  • If a piece is pre-order it will state as such in the description (both Ella and Bella Ella are pre-orders)
  • I would highly reccomend at least registering with my site first and have your information filled out for shipping and billing. Register

An option for faster checkout would be utilising the wishlist…

  • Once registered, log in and…
  • Go to the item
  • Select your color and size
  • Push “Save to Wishlist”
  • Now go back to your account, and select “View Saved Products”
  • You should see the items you put on your wishlist
  • Select “Add All Items to Cart”
  • Check out

Please note that utilising the wishlist feature does NOT guarantee that you reserved a dress, just helps with faster check out.Β 

Here are more tips on utilising the “My Account” features. Show me the tips!

Last notes, but IMPORTANT:

  • Ella will take 6-8Β 4-6 (5/15/2015 Update) weeks to complete because we do have to handcut each dress in order to have a butterfly in the center of the bodice.
  • The butterfly may be right side up, it may be tilted, but there will be a whole butterfly.
  • Bella Ella will take 8-10Β 9-11 4-6 (5/15/2015 Update) weeks (5/3/2015 Update), we also have to handcut each dress as well to have a unicorn on the center of the bodice and also hem the ends of the lace for the scalloped look.
  • The unicorn will be similar on all dresses since this fabric’s pattern is more continuous than the butterfly linen.
  • Both dresses are limited, the butterfly more so than the unicorn.
  • Size Chart for Ella/butterfly: Size Chart
  • Size Chart for Bella Ella/unicorn: Size Chart
  • Ella releases at 8:00 PM CST
  • Bella Ella releases at 8:05PM CST
  • You have 24 hours to exchange for a size if you’ve made a mistake, read more of our FAQ’s.
  • Link to Ella:Β Ella Dress
  • Link to Bella Ella: Bella Ella Dress

Thank you for supporting the Larson family and small businesses like mine!

Much love,

-Kim Williams