We finally have pumpkins on our front steps! I feel like we are so far behind but I love when we have pumpkins on the steps. What I would like to do next is make a fall wreath to hang on front door. The only thing I like better than fall is Christmas, so be ready for some fun in the next couple of months!

We didn’t do anything super special with our pumpkins. We keep it simple by painting them and this year, we added in some glitter. We made this activity even more active by having Oliver pick out the pumpkins himself at his great-grandma’s house.






Oliver was done with his pumpkin after this but I made sure to make his more festive!



Once I got my hands on Oliver’s pumpkin, I was able to transform it into this.


Here they are completed, dried, and on our front steps.


I love how my pumpkin had green on it, making it look like I painted it green. I like non-traditional pumpkins.

So, friends, let’s see them! I know most of you decorated pumpkins and we would love to see how they have spiced up your outdoor (or indoor!) decor.

2 more weeks until Halloween!

Much love,
<3 Jamie