Well, friends, I think this will be the easiest sensory Saturday I have shared with you. It can get messy but that is half the fun!

Here are the steps:

1. Gather a small grainy bag of something (I used steel oats).
2. Pour into a baking pan.
3. Place a blanket down on the floor.
4. Place the pan and an empty bowl on top of the blanket.
5. Gather tractors and set them beside the pan.
6. Let the fun begin.

Seriously, that is it. It was wet and cold outside so I had to think quick on how to get my kids to be entertained without me having to be right next to them. This did the trick and they played for a long time… without fighting!







Here was the finished result. However, it was super easy to clean up since all I had to do was pick up the blanket and empty into the trash.


Independent play, sensory-rich, motor-involved activity and you barely have to do a thing! Let us know if you give this activity a try (pictures are a bonus!).

See you next Saturday, friends!

Much love,
<3 Jamie