Sensory Saturday-

Based on Wednesday’s post, you should know by now that my daughter loves dinosaurs. Her love of all things dino has actually rubbed off on her brother. He is 18 months and is adding new words to his vocabulary daily and one of his clearest words is “dinosaur.” Here is a small portion of the kids’ collection so far:


I decided it would be really fun for them if I took two things that they enjoyed and mashed them together – dinosaurs and paint. The idea was to end up with a masterpiece showing various dinosaur feet in a funky trail. Here was the grand work of art in process:






Such a simple activity brought so much joy! Bonus points for them, they were able to take their dinosaurs into the bath to “clean” them which they may have loved even more than the actual painting activity.

As far as that whole masterpiece thing?

6 (1)

Maybe not actual masterpieces but still pretty cool. Am I crazy to think that Oliver’s “painting” looks like he made a dinosaur? Do you see it? Okay, it’s totally a masterpiece. It’s going on the refrigerator for a few years.

What have you used with paint, other than paintbrushes and fingers, to get creativity flowing?

Tune in next Saturday to see what else dinosaurs love to do!

Much love,
<3 Jamie