Sensory Saturday-

Happy holiday weekend! I hope that you are enjoying time with your family and that your weekend is full of joy.

This past week, my daughter was filled with joy at the idea of playing with Playdoh. She can sit for hours molding, cutting, snipping, pressing, and creating with Playdoh. She has many different Playdoh tools and gadgets to make it more fun but she was thrilled when I told her she was going to play with Playdoh AND her dinosaurs. I had to tell her to take a deep breath because she was talking a mile a minute at just the idea.


As you can see, we aren’t in the camp of “don’t mix the colors.”


She made what she called fossils (which is awesome!).



Then she made some surprise eggs with little dinosaurs inside.


She even tried to mold a dinosaur out of her Playdoh.


Oliver tried to copy his sister.


He just gave up and decided to have a snack instead.


I just want to stress again how easy it is to incorporate “regular” toys and take them to the next level for your children. Just adding a little twist and explaining the process to them as if it is a very special way to do something, then they are ready to go.

Maddy played for over an hour. Her imagination was in full swing and it made this mama proud.


Plus, the dinosaurs liked it too.

How do you use Playdoh with your kids?

Much love,
<3 Jamie