Did you know about the magical powers of Borax? I had no idea and was so excited when I saw that you could make ornaments with just Borax, water, and pipe cleaners! It’s totally magic (or science, but whatever)!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Take pipe cleaners and shape them into whatever shape you want.  Snowflakes, sticks, etc., or spirals like we did.
  2. Mix 9 tablespoons of Borax into 3 cups of very hot water in a glass jar.  Try to get out of all of the chunks because if your ornaments touches it, it will stick to the bottom which trust me, is no fun.
  3. Tie a string around the top of the pipe cleaner and tie or wrap it around a pencil.
  4. Emerge the pipe cleaner into the mixture, making sure it doesn’t touch the sides or the bottom of the jar.
  5. Wait for the magic!  This take hours to work.

The best part for the kids was playing with the pipe cleaners and then seeing the finished product.  I loved watching the transformation take place over the hours.







Aren’t they just beautiful? As you can see from the last picture, some of the ornaments were “damaged” from sticking to the bottom. Maddy didn’t seem to mind. One of the best parts of this activity is that you can make more ornaments just by heating up the mixture again. We did this a few times and still have plenty leftover to do even more.

So much fun!

Have you ever tried to make crystals with Borax? Out of all of the ornaments we have shared, which ones have been your favorites?

See you next week for a non-Christmas-related activity!

Much love,
<3 Jamie