Remember how I told you how much I love sensory bags? We tried a new one specifically for fall and I am still in love with them!

I made a few tweaks this time. First, I used thicker baggies because the first time we did it, the kids were able to poke holes in the bags and that was NOT fun. I double bagged them but they also eventually ended up in the trash. Using thicker bags (think freezer bags) will make them last quite a bit longer.

I also squeezed in the soap last and had all the other materials put in first this time around. I think, if you add glitter, it is actually better to add it after the soap is in. Adding it first made a lot of the glitter sit in the bottom corners.

We went outside and the kids gathered leaves that they wanted to put in their bags. We added glitter and poms but you can add anything you want! We also used orange hand soap so that we didn’t need food coloring and it looked really cool!







This is where the bags ended up.



They are now proud owners of new fall sensory bags!


This was a big hit and you can look forward to seeing a Christmas themed one next month!

What is your favorite type of sensory bag? We would love to hear your ideas!

See you next week!

Much love,
<3 Jamie