Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I absolutely love celebrating my husband and the father he is to our children. I wish I had the money to spend to really give him a big celebration but I have to use a bit of creativity and find inspiration from Pinterest to celebrate him.

We did a few projects that we will give to him tomorrow along with some made-with-love meals. He will also receive a letter from me and I know he will feel happy and fulfilled when the day is over. Isn’t that the point of the day? I’m so excited!

Gifts from the kids/Maddy started simple. Have you seen the “All About My Dad” questions/worksheets? Maddy is now old enough where she can answer the questions but still young enough for her answers to be hilarious. I know my husband will love this!




Our next activity was super fast, super easy, and will be a great gift! We took an old baby sock, a plastic baggy, and some Playdoh to make a stress ball. I made a custom tag to go on it and tied it all together.





Isn’t it adorable?

Our last project came from the ideas from Thursday’s blog post. Their dad has tons of tools so we thought that putting a special touch on one of them would liven it up and give him a reason to smile when he is hard at work.





I know my husband will be thrilled with these gifts and they were so simple, cheap, and fun to make!

What are you doing for Father’s Day?

Have a wonderful, fun and love-filled weekend!

Much love,
<3 Jamie